Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Will supports Bible-A-Month Club!

Bereavement means Bibles:
The recent passing of a Christian lady has meant that the her intention to support Christian work in the developing world has been implemented. Before her recent death this kind lady made sure that she made it known that she would like part of her estate to be used for God's work. The Bible-A-Month Club has benefited as a result and now Mission International has £1000 to purchase Bibles for needy pastors and congregations in poor areas of the world.
Basic need for believers:
Many pastors, church leaders and Christians around the world do not have access to this most basic of resources for the believer. Mission International's Bible-A-Month Club will be sure to use this donation wisely to maximise the benefit to those who are most in need.
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Friday, 7 November 2008

A Bible for Christmas:

A change from the usual gift?

Many people are really looking forward to the excitement of Christmas and what will be under the Christmas tree for them, what will emerge as the wrapping paper is torn back, will I be happy with my gifts? There are many Christians around the world who have not experienced this phenomena, who have never once received a Christmas gift and whose excitement levels have never been raised in this way. There is one thing that for them takes a higher priority than anything else, and that is that they would have a copy of the Word of God in their own language. This Christmas you could fulfil the desire of some Christians in the developing world buy funding a Bible for them. This wonderful gift will make them dance, make them laugh and cry real tears of joy at the same time. These people are not excitable kids but are often mature Christians who have struggled to serve the Lord without a Bible for a very long time. Even some pastors cannot afford a Bible. Please consider a gift with a difference this Christmas, purchase a Bible for a needy Christian and make it a special Christmas in 2008.

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