Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bibles for pastors in Burundi:

Joy crosses the facs of these needy rural astors who are provided with new Bibles in their own language by the Bible-A-Month Club.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pastor's Study Pack:

Resource for needy pastors:
Many pastors and church leaders in the developing world are bereft of any kind of resource to support them in their desire to serve their flocks and reach their communities. Mission International wants to help in this situation and so have begun an addition to the Bible-A-Month club by resourcing pastors with a Pastor's Study Pack. The pack comprises 4 items, an Africa Bible Commentary, Gods Biog Picture, and Know the Truth, the pack will also include a Bible. Pastor's Bible Packs will cost £40 each and so if you would like to support this project please use the option on the right hand column of this page.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

How long has the Bible been around?

1455 first printed Bible:
The Gutenberg Press was invented and as a result the first Bible was printed rather than being hand written and copied which was the way things were done for centuries beforehand.

The Bible has been in our hands for centuries now and the mass printing of the scriptures for a very long time too. Although there are still some languages where the translation of the scriptures has still to take place, many now have the Bible in their own tongue.

Bibles in Kirundi and Kiswahili:
In recent times Mission International's Bible-A-Month Club has been distributing Bibles to needy Pastors and Christians in Burundi and Tanzania. Most are refugees from or returnees to Burundi as a result of the 14 year conflict which has recently ceased. The sense of elation which absorbs the heart of a Pastor who has received his first Bible and his expression of joy is quite moving.

You can Help!
For as little as £3.00 a Bible can be put in the hands of someone who needs it. If you would like to support this essential work then please click here or donate via PayPal at the top right of this page.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Why is a Bible so important?

A Bible is not just for Christmas....!

Many people, even Christians, have a limited perception of the importance of the Bible in their lives. I probably own in the region of twenty Bibles in all sorts of different translations, hard back, paperback, leather bound and even some on CD. I can access the Bible on-line and have considerable further reading material if there is something I need to study in more detail to grasp a fuller understanding of the context.

Why is a Bible so important?

A Bible is not just a book, most people would agree with that statement. It is much, much more that that. Its more that just a Holy book though. 2 Tim 3:16 tells us that 'All scripture is God breathed...". In other words, the Bible's teachings come directly from the mouth of our Father God and as such we as His people cannot afford to ignore what the Bible has to say, it is the Word of God.

Too often even Christians disregard the Word of God, there are many in our world who for whatever reason cannot and will not accept His direct intervention in our lives in this way, but we as Christians have a responsibility to read and obey God's Word to us. We often feel that there are to many areas that we don't understand, however someone once said "I have enough trouble dealing with the areas of the Bible I do understand to worry too much about the parts I don't understand". Oswald Chambers in his book studies from the sermon on the mount observes that even the areas of the scripture that we read which at that moment in time means little to us because we don't fully understand it, will in time become important as other parts become clear. Jesus 'brings all things to remembrance' and will use the 'inputs' when the right moment comes. It is therefore imperative that we read the Bible even though there are times we don't fully 'get it'.

Many Christians in our world do not have access to even a basic Bible. This can be as a result of the Bible not having been translated into their tongue but in the main access to a Bible is an economic problem. No matter how inexpensively a Bible can be produced it is unlikely to be in the price bracket of the poor.

Mission International's Bible-A-Month Club is designed to raise funds in order that those in the most need are not disadvantaged due to their poverty and lack of resources. The purpose of the Bible-A-Month Club is to provide a Bible in the language of the reader, often for as little as £3.00.

Can you help?

If you would like to support this vital project bringing God's Word to those who, due to their circumstances, cannot afford it then please click here or donate via PayPal at the top right of this page.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bibles to Tanzania Refugee camp:

The Bible-A-Month Club reaches refugees training seminar on time:

The simple, small church building in the picture below was the venue for a pastors training seminar for church leaders in Katumba refugee camp in Tanzania, recently. It was here that an unexpected gift, one prized by Christians throughout the developing world, was presented to some delighted church leaders. A Bible in your own language might be commonplace in the western world but them it was as if a miracle had taken place.
Christians confined to this Tanzanian refugee camp begin to arrive for the seminar which will give them much needed training in their service of the Lord.
Now that the pastors and church leaders have arrived the training can begin.

Bibles are a much sought after resource anywhere in the developing world but here in Katumba only 12 Bibles are available and so Pastor Hezroni has to choose who will be the most needy cases, a choice not easy to make.

Pastor Hezroni presents the Bibles to those deemed to require them the most, much to their joy.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Will supports Bible-A-Month Club!

Bereavement means Bibles:
The recent passing of a Christian lady has meant that the her intention to support Christian work in the developing world has been implemented. Before her recent death this kind lady made sure that she made it known that she would like part of her estate to be used for God's work. The Bible-A-Month Club has benefited as a result and now Mission International has £1000 to purchase Bibles for needy pastors and congregations in poor areas of the world.
Basic need for believers:
Many pastors, church leaders and Christians around the world do not have access to this most basic of resources for the believer. Mission International's Bible-A-Month Club will be sure to use this donation wisely to maximise the benefit to those who are most in need.
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Friday, 7 November 2008

A Bible for Christmas:

A change from the usual gift?

Many people are really looking forward to the excitement of Christmas and what will be under the Christmas tree for them, what will emerge as the wrapping paper is torn back, will I be happy with my gifts? There are many Christians around the world who have not experienced this phenomena, who have never once received a Christmas gift and whose excitement levels have never been raised in this way. There is one thing that for them takes a higher priority than anything else, and that is that they would have a copy of the Word of God in their own language. This Christmas you could fulfil the desire of some Christians in the developing world buy funding a Bible for them. This wonderful gift will make them dance, make them laugh and cry real tears of joy at the same time. These people are not excitable kids but are often mature Christians who have struggled to serve the Lord without a Bible for a very long time. Even some pastors cannot afford a Bible. Please consider a gift with a difference this Christmas, purchase a Bible for a needy Christian and make it a special Christmas in 2008.

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