Friday, 1 May 2009

How long has the Bible been around?

1455 first printed Bible:
The Gutenberg Press was invented and as a result the first Bible was printed rather than being hand written and copied which was the way things were done for centuries beforehand.

The Bible has been in our hands for centuries now and the mass printing of the scriptures for a very long time too. Although there are still some languages where the translation of the scriptures has still to take place, many now have the Bible in their own tongue.

Bibles in Kirundi and Kiswahili:
In recent times Mission International's Bible-A-Month Club has been distributing Bibles to needy Pastors and Christians in Burundi and Tanzania. Most are refugees from or returnees to Burundi as a result of the 14 year conflict which has recently ceased. The sense of elation which absorbs the heart of a Pastor who has received his first Bible and his expression of joy is quite moving.

You can Help!
For as little as £3.00 a Bible can be put in the hands of someone who needs it. If you would like to support this essential work then please click here or donate via PayPal at the top right of this page.

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