Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bibles to Tanzania Refugee camp:

The Bible-A-Month Club reaches refugees training seminar on time:

The simple, small church building in the picture below was the venue for a pastors training seminar for church leaders in Katumba refugee camp in Tanzania, recently. It was here that an unexpected gift, one prized by Christians throughout the developing world, was presented to some delighted church leaders. A Bible in your own language might be commonplace in the western world but them it was as if a miracle had taken place.
Christians confined to this Tanzanian refugee camp begin to arrive for the seminar which will give them much needed training in their service of the Lord.
Now that the pastors and church leaders have arrived the training can begin.

Bibles are a much sought after resource anywhere in the developing world but here in Katumba only 12 Bibles are available and so Pastor Hezroni has to choose who will be the most needy cases, a choice not easy to make.

Pastor Hezroni presents the Bibles to those deemed to require them the most, much to their joy.

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